“Good things happen to those who hustle”

“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone”

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

We’ve all probably heard the phrases above at some point or another.

But how does it really feel like to play at the edge of your comfort zone? For all the hustlers out there seeking those ‘good things’, how do you do it everyday and more importantly why do you do it?

According to a global study conducted by Gallup surveying over 142 countries: 63% of employees are not engaged in their jobs worldwide and 54% are not engaged in the United States and Canada.

Side Hustles are a growing reality. Why? Because people are yearning for more. Whether they are transparent about their side projects or keep that information on the down low with their employers, side hustlers are a growing community of individuals seeking to create their own opportunities instead of waiting for them.

But juggling multiple projects – especially ones that you’re passionate about and want to see thrive is not always so fun. Some days you’ll feel overwhelmed and even think about throwing in the towel.

On the days when resistance hits, sometimes you’ll need more than a sexy motivational catch phrase to help you push through. Here are five secrets of successful side-hustlers:

1. Remember that your health is your wealth

The secret is out. Work-life balance is a myth. You can’t out-hustle poor lifestyle choices and hustling to make a living should never come at the expense of living your life

Whether you get 8 hours of sleep or 5, at a minimum you need to make listening to your body a priority and self-care isn’t optional. Juggling a full workload is not a free pass to say that you’re too busy for self-care. Taking care of business, begins with taking care of yourself.

Take Action: Put yourself on your to-do list by prioritizing a self-care regimen into your everyday activities. Schedule workouts, try pre-planning your meals or make an effort to choose healthier options if you’re eating out. Talk a walk, put down your devices or turn off your wifi for an hour. An hour self-care ritual will create huge returns in your favour.

2. When you feel the urge to give up (and you will), revisit your why

During the first Secrets of a Side Hustler event there was a powerful moment where our guest panelists shared why they were inspired to start side hustling and what they do during the moments when they are ready to throw in the towel. Remember when we said earlier that pursuing a goal that you’re passionate about will mess with your head? Well when the limiting beliefs and resistance come out to play you have two choices. You can give in to your beliefs by giving up OR you could make the decision to work through the doubts and keep going. The common dominator in deciding to keep going is knowing why you want to in the first place.

Take Action: Revisit the why for your ‘hustle’. What motivates you to do what you do? Danielle LaPorte has an amazing approach to goal setting called the Desire Map that advocates looking at your core desired feelings. Think about what you desire to feel in your life and ask yourself if your goals and values align.

3. Ask for Help

Ever heard the saying ‘You can do anything, but not everything’?

Success is not a solo journey so stop trying to do everything yourself! We don’t like to admit it, but we create unnecessary stress when we try to be a superhero and ‘do it all’. Find a mentor, create a mastermind group or simply ask for what you need. It’s ok to not have all of the answers because trust me you won’t.

Take Action: Think about something that you’re struggling with or want to take off of your plate. Who are the folks in your network that you can ask to help or mentor you?

4. Planning is your Friend

Like it or not, sometimes everything on your agenda can’t be spontaneous. You can restore a lot more ease into your day if you have a clear plan of what you want and need to accomplish. If you’re juggling multiple hats, creating a system to manage your priorities is a must and will quickly become your secret weapon to success.

Take Action: Don’t rely on scheduling solely for your work tasks. Go the extra mile to schedule in your self-care activities. When you write it down there’s a stronger possibility that you’ll make it happen.

5. Do your best on and off the clock

Even if you have a few projects to fund your dreams outside of your 9-5, don’t think this is an opportunity for you to slack. You owe it to yourself and your employer to give 100% everyday whether you have outside interests or not. So make sure you do your best all the time and not just when you’re off the clock.

Take Action: Be present at your day time hustle and don’t work on your other projects on their time. This is when scheduling and prioritization becomes even more important. Set up your day so that when you’re at your job, you can be fully present and when you’re there, over deliver! Even if you’re not working at your dream job, re-frame the lens from which you view your ‘day job’ to one of a silent partner vs the obstacle standing in the way of your side-hustle.

Our final bonus tip is to find a rockstar support system. The Secrets of a Side Hustler Community provides an outlet for side hustlers and dream chasers to feel supported in their quest to pursue their passions. If you’re a current or aspiring side-hustler seeking a community of like-minded individuals who are driven to connect and support each others business and personal growth visit www.secretsofasidehustler.com/community to join. It’s free!


Founder + CEO at Secrets of a Side Hustler
Chivon John wants to live in a world where individuals feel empowered to create their own opportunities instead of waiting for them. In 2014 she founded the Secrets of a Side Hustler community to inspire, educate and connect individuals who have or want to start a business in addition to their full time employment. You can connect with her at @chivonjohn