Did you know that before Secrets of a Side Hustler was a community, it was an event? After feeling overwhelmed with the daily grind of juggling my business and working full time I wished that I had an outlet to have a conversation with other folks who understood how it really felt to be a boss while having a boss.

The intention for this community has always been to be a hub for transparent conversations and to share resources and tools to help you start and grow a business on the side. When this blog was launched the intention was never to only share my ‘secrets’ so I’m excited to offer you an opportunity for you to share YOUR side hustle wisdom with our community!

I’m looking to hire 2-3 contributors to share their ‘secrets’ in the following areas:

  • Business + Branding
  • Wellness + Self-care
  • Marketing

If you’re a creative writer looking to share a fresh perspective on life as a side hustler and tips for running your biz I’d love to have you on the SoaSH team!

Curious on what we’re looking for? Here’s a quick rundown on the requirements:

You have blogging and/or journalism experience.
Although you don’t have to be a professional freelance writer, experience with writing for the web is preferred. Extra points if you can provide links of examples to your published work.

You have entrepreneurship or side hustling experience
With the exception of our wellness and self-care contributors it’s important that our writing team is familiar with the unique nuances of being a side hustler and how to start and grow a business with a full-time job.

You work well with deadlines
You are organized, have no issue with meeting your deadlines and balancing multiple assignments.

You’re a creative writer and open to feedback
Themes or topics may be assigned for articles but we look to you to flesh out what the article will be or even pitch your own ideas.

You’re a whiz with grammar and spelling
All articles will be reviewed but we’ll rely on you to send in quality pieces.

You can contribute 1-2 posts per month
A new writing side hustle :)

All selected contributors will have a featured bio on our website and will receive payment per
post (yup this is a paid gig)


If you know someone who would be a fab addition to the team I’d really appreciate your help in spreading the work! You can send them a link to this post or use of the tweets below:

All applications are due by Friday March 4th

Thanks and I look forward to reading your applications!


Founder + CEO at Secrets of a Side Hustler
Chivon John wants to live in a world where individuals feel empowered to create their own opportunities instead of waiting for them. In 2014 she founded the Secrets of a Side Hustler community to inspire, educate and connect individuals who have or want to start a business in addition to their full time employment. You can connect with her at @chivonjohn