When you have the desire to transform your side hustle from a hobby to a full fletched business, figuring out where to focus your energy can feel overwhelming.

2Every task on your todo list will feel like a priority but you’ll quickly learn after a few months of juggling your business, day job and life itself that you’ll need a strategy to make your passion your paycheck.

The good news is that YOU CAN and WILL figure it out. But, it won’t happen overnight and you can’t do it alone. Recently we caught up with Business Strategist, Former Side Hustler and Planning Extraordinaire Amber McCue to pull back the curtain on her career path to share how she went from building a boudoir photography business on her weekends and vacation days to a six figure business strategist helping entrepreneurs create businesses that they love.

Amber hustled behind the scenes for a few years before realizing that photography wasn’t her full time passion but was able to create a successful business that enabled her to take the leap to working for herself as a biz coach. In our exclusive audio interview she reveals:

  • How she made the leap from part–time photographer to full-time Business Strategist
  • Why organizational systems are necessary to help you grow your business
  • Why you ‘should clone yourself’ so you can get more done
  • Why entrepreneurship is an epic self development journey

amberAmber McCue has a sweet spot for helping entrepreneurs do better business and increase their bottom line. Entrepreneurs come to her to build streamlined, scalable, profitable business operations without working 24/7 and they are not disappointed. She loves all things business — especially, problem solving, systems, team building, making money via strong revenue streams, sharing that wealth again and again in the best possible ways. You’ll find her at NiceOps.com.

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