Pauleanna hustles to motivate and inspire others. Learn how she does it.

Meet Pauleanna Reid

Pauleanna Reid is a Canadian journalist, Amazon Best Selling Author of fictional novel Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother, motivational speaker and CEO of New Girl On The Block Consulting Inc. Making a name for herself nationally, Reid is crafting an empire built on her core principle which is to help young women (like herself) to recognize their value, pursue their passions and feel great about themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

Reid’s entrepreneurial spirit and published writing has provided her a platform and opportunities to expand her brand. As an on – air television personality, she has provided insight and expert advice on topics of mental health, personal development & inspiration, style tips and relationships with appearances on platforms such as: MTV Canada, Rogers Television, TV Tropolis and Global Television.

Diagnosed with depression in 2010, Reid finally realized that it is literally a matter of health that she listen to her inner voice and pursue her passions. With a tremendous story of struggle then triumph, Reid’s story exemplifies what it means to gain control of one’s life through self – determination and blind faith. With the discouragement of the naysayers, Reid learned to silence the noise of those around her so that she could hear her own voice louder. This self reliance is the motivation to focus on making sure that people, especially young women, learn to believe in themselves despite their current circumstances. Through mentorship and motivational speaking, Reid offers to share her story for individuals to learn from.


What motivated you to start side-hustling?

I come from a family of hustlers. My parents have killer work ethic and it rubbed off on me growing up. My father taught me that the only way to wealth is to have multiple avenues of income and so I learned how to capitalize on my talents very young. I love waking up every day with a purpose. I love breathing life into my passions. It keeps life exciting and fresh.


What is the vision or the goal that you have for your side-hustles?

My goal is to build and brand and business that will outlive me. I am not willing to accept a life of mediocrity. I want to create a legacy


What is the toughest thing about side hustling and what has been the most rewarding?

The toughest thing about side hustling is finding balance. Fortunately, my friends and colleagues are very understanding but in the past some of my friendships have not lasted due to my crazy schedule. I am working towards changing this. I hate feeling like I am neglecting loved ones. I’ve planned more family time into my schedule.

The most rewarding is witnessing how my actions and words are impacting people around the world. I love reading emails, Facebook notes and tweets from fans telling me how much they love my blog or youtube channel. This is what makes life so beautiful.


Does your day job know about what your hustle? If so, did you tell them or did they find out?

My day job knows about my side hustle and they respect it. I think I have it better than most people because most corporations don’t give a shit about what you do outside the 9-5 arena. But I have nurtured the relationship with my boss and we have a good understanding. My dreams are way bigger than the desk I sit at in my office. I just make sure that I give 100% every day. That way I can have the time off when I need it with no questions asked. It’s all about being strategic.


What practices do you conduct to stay healthy thru your hustle?

I maintain my sanity I take breaks throughout the day. I walk and exercise. I also listen to music. I love the way I feel when I have a big tune bumpin’ ha! It’s almost like the rest of the world does not exist, if only for a moment.

“My goal is to build a brand and business that will outlive me. I am not willing to accept a life of mediocrity. I want to create a legacy.”

What do you wish that you knew before you became an entrepreneur?

I wish I knew how possible it was and I wish I started earlier in life. In the beginning I didn’t have the full support of my family, friends and teachers but now that they have seen the fruits of my labor they are on board. If I could go back I would have believed in myself and blocked out all the naysayers a lot earlier instead of delaying the process.


What has surprised you the most since you’ve started side-hustling?

My courage has surprised me the most. I have grown so much since I started my side hustles and it’s because I try to do at least one thing that scares me every day. I love throwing myself into the ring of fire because it builds my character and mental strength.


What is one piece of advice that you can share with current or aspiring side-hustlers?

The most successful people in the world often know something others do not. Give your ideas and dreams a chance. Don’t wait for an opportunity, go out there and take it.


Time Management is very important especially as a side-hustler. What are your time management secrets for productivity?

I take the time to make a to-do list every morning. Planning each day is crucial and helps you stay organized. Be realistic with what you can accomplish each day. Block out the noise and aim to cross off each item.


When it comes to working on your hustle, do you consider yourself to be a night owl, early riser or weekend warrior and why?

I am definitely an early riser. I thrive in the mornings. I wake up between the hours of four and six daily, even on most weekends because I believe when chasing dreams there are no days off.

Did you know…

She's an early riser!

On average Pauleanna sleeps 4-5 hours per night and usually wakes up at 4:30am to get a headstart on her day.


She's a Best-selling Author

Pauleanna wrote her novel ‘Everything I Couldn’t tell my Mother‘ as a way to improve the relationship with her own mother. She wrote the book over a 4-year span and it quickly became an Amazon Best-seller within the first few weeks of its release.

Her gateway to success includes...

A Vision board, hard work and persistence

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